Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Discover the possibilities of enhanced automation with AI &ML. AI can significantly help you optimizing processes and reducing effort in any scenario, helping you freeing resources to focus them in core business tasks.
  • We will efficiently evaluate potential opportunities to implement AI & ML in your current process and will design a proof-of-concept to test the technology and feasibility of the benefits, before implementing the project at a big scale.

Smart Vision powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Automate any task that can be monitored with a Camera.
  • We develop algorithms that can be executed “at the edge” of the camera, monitoring any scenario, understanding current conditions and taking actions.
  • Incorporate smart AI vision technology to enhance Quality in Production, Safety, Security, Inventory Management and many others.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Build applications capable of understanding natural language.
  • We can build machine learning models that can understand voice, read text and create natural language interactions with your customers and staff.
  • Automate high volume documentation processing with AI enabled OCR capabilities to read and interpret any document review scenarios

Why Analytika

We help organizations ripping the benefits of AI, ML & IoT, creating cost savings through process optimization and task automation, and fostering revenue growth through customer and market insights unveiling and by enhancing your customer’s experience. We have extensive consulting experience, and we understand the business side perspective, our lean-staged approach diminishes implementation risks and guarantees success

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