Using SmartVision powered by Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, we can analyze video in real time from regular IP Cameras to determine if your personnel is compliant with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Boost industrial safety standards compliance, automate monitoring, analyze video in real time and enhance safety in your operation with Computer Vision powered by AI.
  • No expensive or specialized optical equipment required, we can leverage the video feed from regular IP Cameras you might already own and mount our algorithms over the video feed.


How to enforce the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in your operation

Enforcing the use of PPE to mitigate safety risks manually is not efficient and labor intensive, especially in large operations work sites.


Automate monitoring of correct PPE compliance with Smart Vision powered by AI

Implement inexpensive video monitoring, or leverage your current video equipment to monitor PPE use with the help of AI algorithms.


Mitigate liability situations, identify and correct risky behaviors, document compliance operation

Automated advanced solution with non-human intervention, easy to deploy providing analytics and accuracy powered by AI.

PPE use enforcement with Computer Vision powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Real Time Facemask use tracking to enhance compliance and mitigate health risks in your operation.
  • No expensive equipment required. We can leverage your current IP video monitoring equipment or install inexpensive IP cameras if required for more coverage.
  • Monitor areas and room usage.
  • Incorporate face recognition capabilities for sensitive access areas (optional).

How does it work?

Operations Video Monitoring

Utilizing regular IP cameras you might already have to monitor your operation, video feed is captured in real time.

Video AI Algorithm Analysis

The video feed is analyzed by our AI algorithm on your premises or on the cloud to monitor and evaluate the correct use of PPE.

Obtain Automated Alerts & Reports

Alerts and Reports can be configured and issued automatically and in real-time to enforce PPE policy and for HSE records keeping compliance.

Additional Computer Vision Capabilities & Scenarios

Enable Real-Time Inventory Management

Automate Manufacturing QA/QC

Optimize Office and Premises Usage


Automate operations and processes monitoring via Video leveraging Computer Vision powered by Artificial Intelligence

Invest in Industry 4.0 end-to-end solutions that will help you monitoring operations, .
Efficiently monitor and control access to your Worksite and empower your Team through IoT and Advanced Analytics.