Business as usual, won’t be business as usual Worksites, Offices, Manufacturing Plants and other Work Centers are facing the challenge of working while keeping staff, clients and collaborators safe.

  • 73% of factories worldwide have suffered abnormal work absenteeism as a result of health concerns or forced lockdown and isolation requirements.
  • 48% of companies have endured work interruptions in their operations due to COVID-19 related outbreaks or health risk concerns. We want to help businesses successfully and safely readjust their operations to the new normality.


Business interruption and staff and clients safety concerns

Identifying persons with fever (COVID risk) manually, is costly and labor intensive, exposing people to potential contagious scenarios, additionally, there is no recorded-traceable data.


Automate Employee Safety & Risk Mitigation with IoT Solutions

A non-human temperature filter in real-time & scalable compliance tracking that guarantees reliability.


Reduce Risk, Operation Continuity

Modular solution with non-human intervention that is easy and quick to deploy providing analytics and action automation.

Temperature Access Measurement And Risk Assessment,
TAMARA is an automated temperature filter using IoT.

  •  Accurate fever detection using medical grade temperature sensor.
  • Non-contact and easy to install solution out of the box.
  • Reports and real-time alerts both through app and on site.
  • Can be integrated to your current IT Strategy, existing RFID, employee barcodes, databases, connectivity through wireless or ethernet connection.

How does it work?

Temperature Filter

Upon entering the Work site staff and visitors are to approach TAMARA where they will adjust their position according to the instructions presented

Temperature Record

TAMARA uses computer vision to detect the position of the employee to take the temperature directly from the forehead

Validate Access

TAMARA will then display the results on screen instructing the person to either proceed or wait for further instructions (screen messages, actions and thresholds are customizable).


Place TAMARA at the entrance and/or Exit of your Premises, and TAMARA detects the person and temperature as they check in or out of the work site. The temperature reading can be linked through existent RFID’s Access Cards or Key Fobs. Minimize the risk of contagion using state of the art technology.

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