Maximize efficiencies with AI driven Robot Process Automation

Get technology on your side with Robot process automation to handle repetitive business and operations tasks across processes and applications. RPA fosters productivity by freeing key resources to dedicate time and effort to core business activities. With total flexibility and scalability, we can design and implement processes that can save you up 75% process time, improving quality, visibility and auditability.

Back Office Automation with RPA

Take advantage of unattended, attended, and intelligent bots to automate routine, time consuming, manual business support tasks including data collection and reporting, onboarding processes, automating order management, handling payroll calculation among others.

Front Office Automation with RPA

Easily implement smart automation in your front office activities, including improving customer experience and providing support for your front-line staff to free time and resources to help them focus on what matter most for your business, your clients. AI powered RPA services can be enabled to automate and self-manage sales funnel activities, customer orders management, customer interactions at different sales process stages and customer service among others.

Why Analytika

We help organizations ripping the benefits of AI, ML & IoT, creating cost savings through process optimization and task automation, and fostering revenue growth through customer and market insights unveiling and by enhancing your customer’s experience. We have extensive consulting experience, and we understand the business side perspective, our lean-staged approach diminishes implementation risks and guarantees success

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