Digital transformation projects do not have to break the bank

I was recently chatting with a former colleague, her company is just going live with a long-term new system project that was originally intended to bring efficiencies, cost savings and make everyone’s lives easier. 3 years later and almost 40% cost overbudget, the system is partially working, and bugs keep popping up, frustration keeps growing, nevertheless the organization is so [...]

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Maximizing Value: How to prioritize your Digital Transformation efforts?

Are you putting your investment in digital technologies where matters the most? How to effectively determine which digital transformation initiatives you should choose to implement and how to prioritize them? There is no doubt that because of the Pandemic, Organizations of all kinds have been forced to accelerate digital technology initiatives and to expedite their digital transformation journey. With some [...]

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Harnessing the power of AI, ML, IoT, Robotics and Advanced Analytics in Agriculture

Improving farming with AI, ML and IoT How advanced technologies are creating a positive impact in crop production and fostering sustainable crop production practices and how farms can approach digital transformation efficiently. According to estimates published by the UN, food production should be increased by at least 70% by the year 2050, in order to meet the food [...]

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My competitors are going Digital, should I follow suit?

If your biggest competitors are bragging about their digital efforts, and you are still thinking about it, should you run out the door and follow them? Well, yes and no.🚀 💡 Pursuing #digitaltransformation efforts for the wrong reasons is a good recipe for failure. Competition is for sure one of the main factors to consider during digital transformation initiatives, but not the [...]

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Digital Transformation: How to get it right

What digital transformation really means? In all honesty, I have never been totally fond of the term Digital Transformation. To me, it suggests a process with a beginning and an end, which could not be farther from the truth. It also implies an organizational overarching initiative which is typically not the case nor feasible. Unfortunately, the term has been so [...]

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