Did you know that more often than not, digital
transformation (DT) projects – large and small – go sideways? Being late, over budget or outright having to cancel digital transformation initiatives altogether is unfortunately more common than you think. To increase your chances of success, ensure you include these elements in every digital project implementation:
1) Align DT projects with your business long-term strategy and business goals.
2) Start small, experiment, fail, refine, and then implement and then, and only then, scale up.
3) Prepare for internal pushback and create a change management strategy.

The above points seem simple and straight forward, but you would be surprised how many companies, just jump-all-in into a DT
effort without much consideration and hence the high rate of failure.

Don’t let your digital transformation initiative to a 50/50 chance of success. Let’s chat about your DT initiatives and challenges!